2020 Website Color Psychology Trends in Thailand

Every year the degree of competition between website design agencies in Thailand is increasing which means agencies have to up their game and take into consideration every small aspect of the website design and technology to make sure they deliver perfect results. Website design agencies aim to improve their conversion results by using the newest tech, UI , content and loading time optimizations. Technical side of the website development is super important but that’s not the whole picture. Visuals and looks plays a big role on client satisfaction and results as well. This brings us down to the color choices which is a major game changer in the whole process.

For years phycologists have been emphasizing on the effects that each color choice makes on an individual. Our aspects such as background, visuals, menu styles, navigation bars and color opacity is also of significance.

The color choice is one of the main tenets of brand identity so it is important that the choice of corporate colors is carefully evaluated before it’s implementation. It is also important to take into consideration the color trends but at the same time maintain uniqueness and authenticity. So what color choices will be the main focus will be the main website design trends in Thailand during 2020? What play a role in creating these trends? What user experiences should the focus of a 2020 website design project in Thailand?

Psychological Perspective

As mentioned, color choices play a huge role in your brand identify so before anything else, it has direct relations to the template being used. Each color tone has its own static characteristics. For example black is associated with elegance, confidence and authority but it can also bring a sense of sadness to the user. Purple is the color of trust and and mystic associations. Yellow is auspiciousness and concentration. Green is associated with relaxation. 

It is recommended that you do not make your decision on your corporate colors by just reading some articles online. This sort of knowledge need to come from a professional who will take many factors into consideration before suggesting the colors schemes. Making a mistake in such selections will create a negative unconscious effect on your possible clients and discourage them to buy your products or use your services. 

You need to make sure that you choose the colors based on the degree of seriousness you would like to project to your viewers. Websites who are associated with B2B services, selling or reviews should consider the following colors for example: gray, dark blue shades, white and black.

It’s always a good thing to experiment but professionals usually suggest using bright colors on only certain elements of your design. 

For example on social site or dating sites, we think the best option for 2020 would be using pink, orange, yellow or tiffany shades. 

Again, when choosing colors, you should always ask for advice from a professional website designer in Thailand who has experience dealing with industries and business relevant to yours. Of course the website designer would consider the trends but it is important to also make it relevant to the project at hand. 

Local Culture

One of the first things I selected for myself in the design: there is no unique trend in color design. Research organizations will be able to highlight the most optimal shade. But even it will not be appropriate in all cases.

An important factor to consider when a website design project is about to kick off is the region the business is operating in. It is well established that each color has different meanings in each culture and symbolizes different things.  Most people won’t be judging the colors consciously but subconscious effects will make the user associate your business with certain things so it is important to pay attention to the culture factor every step of the way. 

South East Asia and Thailand Color Trends in 2020

For Thailand and other ASEAN countries designers are going to rely on minimal and simple design that associates with long lasting effect and trust. It has to have a calm tone and not a hectic and complex image. We think Beige would be a trend in our region in 2020. It’s color of herbs, grains and seeds which creates a connection to the earth and between different individuals. This is opposed to high tech colors and dark shades which would neutralize the face paced life in Bangkok and other major cities to create a sense of calmness. 

Mint Shades are going to be among the main themes in Thailand as well. Every year we have a main color that is trending in designs. In 2018 it was a shade of coral pink, 2019 blue and now mint tones are making a buzz according to recent trend forecasts. Mint tones symbolize the unity of science, technology and nature. This trend is due to the latest changes in street fashion, world events and even happening on social networks. Mint tones signify the marriage of science and nature. It is also a big factor in the street fashion which makes it a fresh choice of color.

Gradient design choices are something we expect to see more in Thailand website design trends in 2020. They will create calmness and does not usually fight the other design elements of your project. 


Color choices and brand identity should be focusing on making unconscious positive effects on your audience and the main trend this year would be the choices that symbolizes relaxation, calmness and comfort which would allow your users to spend more time on your website. At ArioMarketing we design beautiful and affordable website for any business size all made from scratch by professionals with years of industry experience. We have more than a hundred successful projects which makes us one of the industry leaders in Thailand. You can always get in touch with us or visit us at our bangkok office to get your free website design consultation in no time.